Bachelor of Islamic Economics and Banking (B.Sc.)

Bachelor of Islamic Economics and Banking (B.Sc.)
Starts from:Fri, April 19, 2019
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26JUN, Guryasamo,Hargeisa,Maroodi-Jeex,Somaliland

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This program provides a three-year bachelor program that gives the students a good insight into how the global economy functions and how one can improve growth and welfare in both developed and developing countries. The primary field of study is Islamic economics and banking with modern economics as the primary supporting (major) subject.

In Islamic Economics, students acquire skills for analyzing important and stimulating national and global problems such as energy, inflation, unemployment, pollution, urban decay, as well as foreign trade and government budget deficits in Islamic perspective. This program is designed to enhance students' knowledge in the field of Islamic economics and banking especially in the theory and practice of modern banking system. Thus, the program incorporates multi-disciplinary areas, covering topics on finance, banking, economics, recent developments and the effects of technological changes on bank, as well as the globalization of the banking industry.
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