Bachelor in Accounting and Finance

Bachelor  in Accounting and Finance
Starts from:Fri, April 19, 2019
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26JUN, Guryasamo,Hargeisa,Maroodi-Jeex,Somaliland

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Accounting and finance is central to the operation and management of all businesses and most other organizations, whether in the private, public, or charity sectors.

This discipline, therefore, provides a large and growing base for successful careers in many types of organizations. It also creates the opportunities for stimulating career desires in the financial services sectors of various economies and as well in the Somaliland economy, as this sector has relatively been growing in the context and presumed to play its own role in the foreseeable period.
Accountancy and finance, conceptually, are two faces of a coin; and their roles are indispensible, in operational terms. The central role of accounting in today's society makes it interesting discipline of study in its own right, not just for those interested in a career in business, but also for anyone interested in the way that businesses influence and structure our lives and societies.
Considering the socio-economic and business settings in the context of Somaliland, we presume, in this regard, that it is by far better to approach the specialized areas of Accounting and Finance holistically in academics.
The situation in the context requires, among others, graduates that are Generalists in their professional engagements and able to discharge their responsibilities by integrating the broad-based functional roles & duties. In addition, for those who are interested, accounting is the basis for many good business related careers. We provide a solid higher education in Accounting & Finance that is useful for any career that requires the critical skills and adaptability of well grounded graduates.
The central role of accounting and finance in today's society makes the BA degree in Accounting and Finance a sound basis for many stimulating and prestigious career opportunities.
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